About me

Hi there, Džana here.
I'm 20 years old student of English language and literature from Sarajevo. Ever since my first journey with my family to Berlin, Germany all I ever wanted to do is travel. That's probably period when I fell in love with joy of exploring places and traveling. And then the dream to travel all around the world was born. To travel to all sort of places, from big cities such as London and New York to the smallest villages in Bosnia and Herzegovina will always be my goal in life. That dream is still there but as I grow up I have more opportunities and as well as struggles to achieve it.
I love reading, writing, cooking, watching movies and exploring new things, and I have many ideas and opinions about them.
Lately I have been thinking where to put all these ideas and thoughts, so I decided to try out blogging about it.

Honestly I have no idea what this blog is going to look like but if you're interested in photography, fashion and travel I would love you too stay and experience things from my perspective.

All pictures found here are mine unless it's stated differently.

xx Dzaniica